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The Lend-A-Bin Program - New & Improved

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Make it Green!

Keep Charleston Beautiful’s Lend-A-Bin Program, in its infancy, offered portable recycling receptacles free-of-charge to folks in the local community who were hosting events and wanted to reduce the amount of waste going to the landfill. With a growing number of environmentally-minded citizens, the demand for the Lend-A-Bin Program has grown over the years, and it was time for an update!

To make the program more comprehensive, Keep Charleston Beautiful recently added both landfill and compost waste stream receptacles to the Lend-A-Bin Program. Groups can choose to utilize just one of the waste stream options, or all three, which is what we recommend. Our goal is to help event hosts alter the type of waste being produced by the event - so that almost all waste is compostable, with a small amount needing to be recycled, and almost zero needing to go to the landfill.

While Keep Charleston Beautiful would love to continue offering this program at no-charge, a tiered fee system has been instituted to help cover costs of the updated program. The fee goes towards costs associated with providing bags for receptacles, and towards a disposal fee for the compostable material. Keep Charleston Beautiful also provides the option of recruiting volunteers to help staff waste sorting stations and educate event patrons on “rethinking what they throw out”.

Jamie Gillette